My Opinion On…Bones?

This might be a bit heavier or more morbid than usual, but it’s an interesting topic I wanted to cover.

Moose bone hair sticks from Forevergreenflora on Etsy.

In this article, I’ll discuss taxidermy, vulture culture, animal accessories, and show some examples. If you are triggered by skeletons or dead animals, your discretion is advised.


Vulture Culture is an internet community of people who find animal corpses, clean them, and repurpose them. They do not kill animals themselves; that’s where the “vulture” part comes in. People in this community typically collect bones and occasionaly make crafts and jewelry out of them. Taxidermy is related to Vulture Culture because, well, wouldn’t you want to stuff a badger corpse you found if the fur was relatively nice?

Taxidermy is “the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect” (the dictionary definition).

You’ve probably heard of it or seen it at some point. They’ll often sell stuffed quails or other birds at antique stores, and who can forget those creepy “trophy” heads hunters display on their wall?

Anyways, it’s time to get into what I think about all this.

From aloof-lyulf on Tumblr.

What I Think

There is nothing inherently wrong in being interested in animal anatomies. I think skeletons and skins are cool! But the problem comes from killing the animal just to “rebirth” it. In my opinion, hunting for sport is disgusting, and if you’re only killing tigers so you can have a cool tiger head decoration you’re scum.

Except many of these people don’t do that. They either take remains from an animal killed for food (ex: wild rabbits or geese) or come across the corpses naturally. On top of that, I know a large portion of individuals respect the passing of the animal and honour its life with art. That I can get behind.

A beautiful example of taxidermy (credit: luxtaxidermy on Instagram)


Credit to lonelybonesjewelry on Instagram (the headband was made out of scrapped ears from bunnies killed for food).

What about wearing animals as accessories? I have mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, it’s extremely cool. Imagine a bird skull pendant or teeth rings! On the other hand, way too many animals are killed to make fur coats and scaly shoes, and using actual death as a fashion statement gives me weird vibes. However, it comes down once again to sustainability and humanity. Should animals be killed for clothes? No. But is it alright to make animals into clothes (or accesories) if they die naturally? Yes.

Conclusion 🙂

Taxidermy is cool, and most definitely an art. As long as the animal isn’t killed just for the project and its spirit is respected, I’m totally fine with it! Feel free to share your own opinions below. And as always cowboys, hope you enjoyed!


Calico Critters Fruit Wagon

Aww yeah. 🍎🍊🍌🍐🍇

The pretty packaging in natural lighting.

This being my first Calico Critters set, I had no idea what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

What it came with

  1. The tortilla brown wagon (yes, that’s a colour).
  2. Stickers! (For the set)
  3. An assemble-yourself fruit scale.
  4. Blueberries.
  5. Raspberries.
  6. Two cartons for the berries.
  7. Two fruit crates.
  8. A double-sided sign.
  9. A stand to hold the berry cartons.
  10. 1 melon.
  11. 2 pears.
  12. 3 lemons.
  13. 3 grape vines.
  14. 4 apples.
  15. 5 bananas
  16. 5 oranges.
Front view of cart.

Positives ✔️

The paint job was nice and the details were all there. I didn’t see any scratches or scruffs. The wagon’s wheels turned. The stickers stayed on firmly. Overall, everything was great.

Negatives ✖️

I found one issue with the scale, which had soft paint that easily came off, and with the plastic fruit that you had to pop out of their molds yourself.  Their stems were too prominent and made them look slightly messy.  However, it was such a minor detail that  I don’t think most people would even care. 

The cart from a different angle.

Final Thoughts

Calico Critters is known for being high-quality, and this set was definitely well made (and for the 14.99 price tag, I believe it was worth it.)  I would rate this set an 8.7/10. 

Sorry for how long this post took, cowboys.  I had a terrible case of the stomach flu and couldn’t write for while.  As always, I hope you enjoyed!

Mini LPS (Series 2) Review

Packaging + Toy

Littlest Pet Shop was my favourite toy brand from 3-7 years old. I had tons of them, and I still have two big playsets to this day. Unfortunately, when I immigrated, they quickly lost my interest and I moved on to other toys (such as Shopkins). But LPS has recently come out with a new series of tiny pets, so I decided to crack at them one more time for nostalgia’s sake. Let’s get into it.


Mini LPS next to an Lol doll, for scale.

Considering how small these are, the quality is great. Out of the two creatures that I got, I found only one bit of plastic sticking out and maybe one scratch of paint. The quality does however vary set to set; the firefly was perfect and the kitten had the small flaws. The toys could rotate their heads (just like regular LPS), which was quite amazing.

What I liked 🙂

My two sets.

I bought these both for $5 at my local drug store, which I think is fair.

The way you open the…erm…playset? Is by “unlocking” it with the key, which I though was really cool. The keys are pretty nice too.

It seems like a sturdy enough toy that you could attach to your bag and not have to worry about it falling off.

Finally, the colour schemes are pleasing to the eyes (I’ve always liked that LPS mostly avoided neon).

What I disliked 😦

Though the shapes of the… lockets… were nice, the interior for both of them was just one solid colour. What’s fun about that?

Also, they didn’t have names, rarities, or anything like that. Like, ok, cool, I got 2-B41. So what? Moj-Moj does this too, and I think we all know how I feel about Moj-Moj.


These toys are relatively cheap and cute. Would I get more? Yes. Are they my favourite? Not really. At least the packaging isn’t the worst, and you can use them as toys for bigger toys or as dollhouse decorations. LPS doesn’t seem to have changed much, but I can’t help but feel distaste towards it, although I doubt that it’s the company’s fault. I’ve just grown up and became bitter. But hey, that’s life.

LPS minis get a thumbs up from me, and see you next time, cowboys.

Mechanical Friends

Animatronics is the use of cable-pulled devices or motors to animate a replica of a human or an animal, or bring lifelike characteristics to an otherwise inanimate object.

Chuck E. Cheese, the classic grooving animatronic mascot

An automaton is a self-operating machine, or a machine or control mechanism designed to automatically follow a predetermined sequence of operations, or respond to predetermined instructions.

Queen Mary Antionette Automaton by David Roentgen
Sophia, the robot citizen

robot is a machine—especially one programmable by a computer— capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically.


Why does it matter, some of you ask in disdain. It has circuits and wires. It is nothing more than a machine! And that may be true. But there’s still a distinction between the three terms I mentioned, and I think it’s time someone talked about it.

Machine replicas are cool. So when I saw Queen Mary Antionette funking out on her hammered dulcimer, I thought, “Wow. We need more royal robots like her.” But to my surprise, she wasn’t a robot, but instead an automaton. I dove into research.


Robots do not have to look like living things, while animatronics do. Automatons can look like living beings, but it’s not a necessity. I’ve seen an old secretary’s cabinet be classified as an automaton because of it’s self opening nature. They are all pretty similar; for example, a robot can resemble an animal. But basically:

Creepy as hell robot dog that can open doors.

Robots can be incredibly intelligent (AI) but can also be used to repeat the same function over and over (like factory robots.) The thing is, automatons are robots, except they have a specific sequence to follow and other robots either act more independently or can go on repeating a procedure until they are turned off. The water does get murky sometimes, and you may be asking, what about that humanoid above? Sophia is a true robot instead of an animatronic because she is eerily intelligent, and can express her thoughts clearly instead of just singing and dancing.

I sincerely hope I explained all this accurately and clearly. I’m not an engineer in any way, but just a kid with a laptop and a burning curiosity. So see you next time, cowboys. Hope you enjoyed. ❤

Get to know me tag?

I might as well do this.

What is your eye colour?

Greenish grey, with specks of brown and an occasional blue hue.

Not an actual picture of me, btw.

What inspires you?

Rage and cute lil bumblebees.

What is the most important thing in your life?

My life itself.

What has required the most courage of you in your life so far?

Transitioning to high school, AKA every teenager’s living hell.

Who is your favourite celebrity?

Pewdiepie, I guess?

Who is your favourite musician?

If we’re not talking about bands, Suzanne Vega, an angel of the 80s.

Who’s your favourite person in the world?

Don’t have one. It’s impossible to choose, because even the closest people can be cruel.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

Playing “Warrior” cats in grade 4. No, really. It was the sunniest and most carefree time in my life.

What is your favourite colour?

All shades of purple, blood red, pastel green and pink, daffodil yellow, robin’s egg blue… I just can’t decide, my man!

What is your favourite drink?

Tea runs through my blood stream, apple cider gives me life in the cold winter months, and lemonade… oh, dear sweet lemonade, otherwise known as God’s piss…

What is your favourite fairytale?

The Bremen Town Musicians give me an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. :’)

What is your favourite food?

Must it always come to this?

What is your favourite holiday destination?

I’ve always wanted to go to Germany or the empty, wild, Great Canadian north!

What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Hmmm… Cookies and cream is solid.

What is your favourite music genre?

I’ve always been a sucker for rock, but Caravan Palace got me into electro swing.

What is your favourite physical activity?

Canoeing and kayaking!

What is your favourite quote?

 “I will probably don’t die tonight.” – Written during a beautiful Omegle conversation.

What is your favourite snack?

Buttered toast.

Well, that’s all for now pigeons! Hopefully you enjoyed learning about me.

My Toy Wishlist!

My birthday is still 3 months away, but it’s never too late to dream about new toys, is it?

(The list isn’t in any particular order).

10. A Furby

It’s no secret that I love Furbies. My deep, dark obsession with them started around 7 months ago, and it’s been going strong ever since. But the problem is, I don’t actually own a Furb, and the one I did have broke down due to battery corrosion. At this point, even a broken Furby would suffice. The specific type of furby that I want is the original version of the Furby baby (I said original, because I in no way would like a creepy 2005 Furby baby in my proximity). Their pastel colour scemes, improved language learning capabilities, and adorably small size make them my all-time favourite furby.

I suppose a before 2001 Furby would be a good replacement. But gosh, the crystal Furbies are beautiful too. Any Furby is a good Furby. Except the 2005 Furby babies.

furb bab

9. Calico Critters House

Specifically the Tree House, but the Starry Point Lighthouse is also delightful.

8. Toy Barn

If you’ve read my last post, you would know that I want to make a miniature farm. For that, I would need a barn. The Shleich red barn is optimal, but considering the price, the Melissa & Doug latches barn is a cheaper alternative.

It comes with four farm animals as well.

7. Pikmi Pops Doughmis ❤

I love all things Pikmi. Doughnuts are my favourite baked goods. It’s a match made in heaven!

6. Gudetama… Anything

Does anyone have some good egg puns or yolks?

I absolutely stan this lazy egg. He is the best Sanrio character ever, and that is fact. Enough said.

(P.S.: My instagram account is @justanothereggboi, and I just made a post about a new Gudetama squishy I got. Follow if you like eggs or are just a weirdo in general.)

5. Tiny Squishies

Sorry for the quality!

There is a very specific type of tiny squishy which I’m talking about. They are extremely detailed, and come in many different animal varieties. They sell at almost every toy store in my area. Thing is, I have no idea what the brand is. The squishies are rubbery, and not sticky. If you have any idea what these cool collectibles might be called, please help me out! 🙂

4. Gemma Stone Shoppie

Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst and Pearl… Now I’m just listing SU characters!

Gemma Stone is also the name of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopkin, but I’m talking about the shoppie, which you can buy for only $150-$200. What a steal! She is incredibly beautiful and detailed, to the point that I think she is the most gorgeous shoppie you can get. Mystabella, get out of the way, since the best shoppie is here to stay!

3. Cryptkins

Cryptkins are little vinyl figures of monsters and folklore creatures, all with the same adorable red eyes. Every crate comes with a creature and a card that gives info all about them. I already have the Jersey Devil, and at this point I’m just looking to expand my collection.

2. Lee Tea or Marsha Mellow Shopkins

Gorgeous, ain’t she?

Lee Tea is a beautiful golden tea bag, and Marsha Mellow is a glammed-out marshmallow. Tea is one of my favourite things in the world, and I already own the shopkin Herb L. Teabag, so if I got Lee they could be friends. Both Marsha and Lee are limited edition, so that’s just the cherry on top of this glittery cake.

1. Persanimals

You know what, I’ll have to write a whole separate post on these.

Thank you for reading, cowboys! New posts every weekend!

Schleich Farm Project

Yeehaw, partners.

Doesn’t this just look adorable?

The rise of country culture on the internet is undeniable. But I’m truthfully all for it. Sometimes, I’d like nothing more but to move to a lovely little cottage near a grassy field and live a simple life, growing my own food and relishing in the wonderful natural surroundings. And this project, I hope, can combine my love of toys, love of animals, and love of the countryside all into one beautiful model. Here’s the plan.

What I’ll Need ~

  1. A large cardboard box to build the countryside model in.
  2. Schleich or other realistic, well-crafted small toy animals.
  3. Moss, rocks, and twigs.
  4. A toy barn.
  5. Paint (green, blue, yellow, and a bit of white).
  6. A glue gun to atach bits of the terrain and add shine to the river.
  7. Scissors (to cut the cardboard).
  8. Lots of patience and determination.
Model inspo (mine won’t look this good, I promise)

How I’ll Build It ~

This is something that will take a lot of time, and I’ll kind of learn how to do as I go along, adding little shrubs and touchups here and there. The basic idea, however, is that I’ll paint and glue things into a box. Yeah… that may be simplifying it. I also want to create a paper mache hill and a little river, out of paint and glue or maybe something more fancy, like sheet plastic. I’ll make trees out of either dried moss or chenille. It will be a process. It will be an adventure. Mostly, though, it will be fun.

What I Have To Begin With ~

So far, I have a Schleich lamb named May, a pig named Big Bang, some moss and cool rocks, a goose, a chicken, and a little clowder of cats.

Just a lil’ sample of my materials ^

I would like to thank:


For inspiring me to do this. See you soon, cowboys!