Lil Vs. Regular Shoppies

Popsi Blue edition.

Are you a parent, unsure of what to get their Shopkin-obsessed child? A collector, perhaps, only here for the review of Popsi Blue and her mini counterpart? Or maybe a lost soul who has somehow wound up on this article at 3 AM? No worries. As one of my friends would say; “I got chu”.

Big Shoppies

Ominous yet cute energy 🙂

~ Big/regular Shoppies are 14 cm tall on average.

~ They come with stands, hair accessories (held on by elastics), removable skirts/shorts, and typically removable shoes.

~ Their hair is extremely big and vibrant in colour and makes all the dolls with longer hair top-heavy.

~ They retail for $13-20 (CA), although some of the rarer dolls (Mystabella, Gemma Stone, etc.) are very expensive and you can only get through collectors after their promotional event has expired.

~ You can move their heads 360 degrees, spin their arms in their sockets, and make them kick forwards and backwards. Only certain dolls can move their elbows.

~ Regular Shoppies usually come with a brush, a codebook, and a Shopkin partner as well.

~ All in all, they are beautiful and manoeuvrable, but their hair can get tangled easily and their awful balance might not be the best for play.

Lil’ Shoppies

credit credit credit: The Dolly Dreamer (on FB)

~ Are 7.5 cm tall on average (like half of a big shoppie, it’s adorable).

~ Also come with stands and surprise accessories like hairpieces and bags.

~ They have rubber hair that makes their (already large) heads even heavier.

~ Although their outfits are removable in theory, the hair gets in the way. The shoes and undergarments are painted on.

~ They can shake “no” but they can’t nod or go all the way around, if you were wondering. Their arms and legs go up and down.

~ I’ve found them listed from $8-12 on Amazon (again, in Canadian money).

~ They make fun travel size buddies, but if you prefer more customizable dolls, go with the bigger option here.

The Blues

Beachside fun!

Although I love Popsi Blue’s popsicle inspired design, and her straight pastel blue hair is marvellous, the sailor hat is questionable. It just doesn’t stay on, and when it does, it makes the whole doll topple over in 0.5 seconds! Also, regular Popsi Blue comes with a translucent yellow swimming ring, which also has a hard time staying on properly. But in the end, I’ll give the character a 9/10 and the litlle version of her an 8/10, design wise.

Summer has come, folks! So go out there, get yourself a tasty popsicle, and sashay down to the beach, for who can feel blue when the world’s so bright?

Later, cowboys.