Holiday Barbies Through the Years: Part 1

Hello friends, and Merry Christmas! Or, y’know, whatever holidays you celebrate during this jolly time of year. Today I’m going to be looking at the evolution of holiday Barbies, starting with the first ever holiday Barbie, released in 1988. She also happens to be the first collector Barbie, although that wasn’t planned out by Mattel. 31 years and 31 Barbies, most of which will be shown below. Let’s get started!

On the left is the 1988 Happy Holiday Barbie. The ‘Happy’ was eventually dropped from the title.

1989 ❤
Barbie’s first festive look, complete with glitter!

In 1990, Barbie’s holiday look was hot pink and extra poofy. She came in two different skin tones, though, so good on Mattel for that. The 1991 Barbie came in a darker gown, which was certainly refreshing, even though it doesn’t scream ‘festive’ to me.

1991: Kinda gloomy, but alright.
It’s the 90’s, baby!
In 1994, Barbie sported a golden gown.

Then in 1992, it was back to the glitter.

Seller: CollectorDollsGalore on Etsy

If you’re wondering why I skipped ’93: the red dress Barbie wore wasn’t particularly special, and looked similar to the 1988 dress. She did have a poinsettia theme, which I’ll admit was creative.

1996 // Seller: kristinacasale on Poshmark
1995 gal! Seller: tkeeper on Ebay

The 1997 Barbie wore a red ribbon inspired dress, which was pretty unique. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really find a good picture of her, so let’s move on to 1998.

Millenium Princess Barbie, 1999
1998: Black and hot pink makes a striking combination!

The 1999 Barbie, named Millennium Princess, came in a gorgeous navy blue and silver dress, complete with a DISCO BALL. A disco ball!! I personally prefer her to the 2000’s doll, and the name gives me total Sailor Moon vibes.

2001 Holiday Barbie. // Seller: tkeeper on Ebay
This 2000’s Barbie looks a lot like the 1994 one…

This blog post is getting lengthy, so I’ll just stop right here for now. Stay tuned for the epic conclusion of my Holiday Barbie Roundup!!

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