So soft, so cute…so icky.

I’m about to go on a pretty heated rant. Moj Moj fans beware.

What are Moj Moj?

Moj Moj are essentially little, simplistic, squishy toys that come in pretty colours and triangular packages. They definetly have a neat aesthetic going for them, and I’ll give them credit for the unique packaging. I know I mentioned the packaging twice now, so here, have a look;

They make me crave onigiri for some strange reason.

Pretty stylish. But pretty packaging aside, these wish-list toys are most definitely overhyped. And here’s why.


I know when you have a rubbery, squishy toy the stickiness can’t be avoided. For example, Mashems are very soft and stretchy but they also collect every hair they come across, and never let it go. Moj Moj are the same. Somehow, after being played with for about 20 minutes, they were absolutely COATED with tiny dust and whatever else particles. My hands were clean. The table was clean. And yet they still managed to get dirty.

Back to the material point; the Mojs may look totally adorable in pictures, with their dot eyes and perfect noses, but the reality isn’t like that. If you stretch them, the eyes will come off. If you squish them, the teeny designs on their backs will smudge. Don’t even get me started on twisting; that’s a sure fire way to completely damage the already imperfect paint.


I only squished them for about 20 minutes.
They were wrinkled all over even before I did anything.

The packaging squished into them, making them wrinkled all over, and nothing seemed to help. Another problem I found with them was that they weren’t nearly as stretchy as they were in the Moj Moj commercials. They did stretch, it just wasn’t as impressive as it was supposed to be.

In case you were wondering, they are not pleasantly scented. Moj Moj all have a slightly yucky factory smell to them. They do not have names, either; just numbers and rarities. Even though I know there’s a LOT of Mojs, I really wish they WOULD be named. It’s a lazy move toy companies pull way too often.


I do not like these toys, and I will never recommend them. That being said, you are free to like and collect them if sticky squishies are right up your alley. Maybe I will get more in the future just to see if they’re all terrible. But in the meanwhile, I’ll sit over here hating Moj Moj and there’s nothing you can do about it.


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